Dungeon Souls is an action-adventure roguelike dungeon crawler game.


The Dungeon is a mythical place that holds fallen heroes captive forever only if they can counter the dungeon’s dark forces. Each of the fallen heroes are legends of the overworld that once decided to explore the dungeon, with promises of great treasure and honor, and succumbed to death. Following their death, their souls ended up getting trapped in the Dungeon, where the journey begins.

The main story consists of a group of heroes who died inside of a dungeon, getting their souls trapped and having to fight for them to escape. Long before these events, a main-side story occurred: There was once a very powerful wizard, by the name of Merlin, who lived in a village with his daughter Celestia. Celestia was known for being a very friendly, thoughtful and caring person, as well as having a tendency for playing in the woods. On one tragic day, Merlin came back home to find that his daughter was polymorphed into an owl, whilst playing on the woods. Merlin tried spell after spell to free Celestia from the curse, but to no avail. Upon days of trying, Merlin decided to travel around the world in search for a cure. Upon arriving on a local village, Merlin found out about a mysterious dungeon that just appeared out of nowhere, said to have powerful artifacts and immense treasure, which made him curious to explore. He set course to travel inside the dungeon and, after defeating several waves of evil entities, he was able to meet a young-looking sorceress – Selene. She asked him what he was doing in her dungeon and, after explaining, she began telling him how the dungeon worked. It was powered by a core that fed itself from souls. However, due to its vile nature, these souls had to possess heroic-like characteristics. These were harnessed using Soul Orbs. The only issue of the contraption was that, every once in a while, the souls of the heroes would return to their corpses and try to escape. To do so, they’d have to collect their respective Soul Orb from the Soul Guardian and pass a Judgement Trial to fight Selene. If all heroes managed to do so, the dungeon would lose its power and die. As such, Selene offered Merlin a deal: she would give him access to all knowledge available in the dungeon’s Forbidden Library, as long as he’d help keeping the heroes trapped in the dungeon. In an act of despair, Merlin accepted her offer and brought Celestia alongside to perform tests.



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"It's splashy, frantic and hugely enjoyable, and its classes are constructed with smart consideration of their asymmetry."

- Marsh Davies of Rock Paper Shotgun

"Dungeon Souls is a very cool dungeon crawling hack n slash roguelike featuring gorgeous pixel art animation, challenging gameplay, big bosses, procedurally generated level design and permadeath."

- Calum Fraser of Alpha Beta Gamer

"It also helps that the game is addictive in its own right, thanks to the responsive combat system and constant flow of action."

- Brian Dumlao of Worth Playing


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The Creative Team

April oversees the game development on a daily basis and interacts with the team, made up of great talents

Over the course of six years, Diogo has developed game mechanic engines in Game Maker.

Igor is a wandering pixel artist that occasionally serves as game industry encyclopedia.

Piotrek is a Digital Artist & Illustrator. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science

Xian is a professional pixel artist and animator

Paul is an animator, graphic artist and has a background in multimedia arts

Unfamiliar Identity is the anonymous Australian based Orchestral Electronic Composer who started in early 2012.

Christopher van Eijk aka "Jackdaw" says that music has always run through his veins.

David Viano aka "Digital Sun Enterprises" approached music in 2001, learning to play the guitar.

Joe O'Quinn is a game composer who conveys the powerful experiences through his music.

Yannik is an aspiring voice actor and dubbed the voice of Merlin and Soul Guardian of Dungeon Souls.

Ovais is a multilingual voice actor specializing in everything from video games, animation and film.

Pippa Vos speaks perfect English and is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. She is a global Voice Actor.

Valentina is a 2D Environment artist, videogamer, and a 3D animation student.

Harrison is an aspiring animator and concept artist.